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Judi vs Priscilla (Bad Girls Club)

Gurl, Judi got her ass beat last night by Priscilla!!! She had her mind set on getting Priscilla put out the house and was going to do whatever it took. I don’t think Ms. Judi knew what she was getting herself into when she picked a fight with this NYC girl. Judi dumped a pot of cereal on Priscilla while she was in bed sleep. It took a minute for Priscilla to wake up and realize what just happen. But gurl, once she came to, she called Judi’s ass out,”I’m awake now bitch.” With that Priscilla found Judi and the two of them got to twirlin! By the time she was done whoopin Judi’s ass, she was bald, bloody and would never look at cereal the same way again. Priscilla was one bitch Judi didn’t have the voo doo for! (link to video: http://www.worldstarhiphop.com/videos/e/16711680/wshhvwaR1QxeLWEBS52M )