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Coochieness: Ices Brown’s version of Nicki Minaj’s “Ass”

Nicki Minaj Dance Ass Verse by ices brown

Ices Brown is back with her version of, “Nicki Minaj’s… Ass… her part” (her words not mine). The video starts off with Ices introducing herself and by the looks of her greasy mouth and chins she  just polished off a bucket of KFCs before the show. Her neck is completely gone! I’ll give $500 and a Heavy D album to the first person who can send me a screen shot of Ices Brown’s neck…I’ll wait. It’s like she’s getting rounder, pretty soon she’ll look like one of those exercise balls. Anyhoe. This bitch is dressed in all purple lookin like Barney’s fiance. You know all Dumbo needed to get air born was a feather. This bitch got a set of feathers in each ear, lemme find out Ices can get air born. You thought Jet Blue had leg room. I wanna see what Air Traffic Control can do with that bitch! 0:43 she drops down low and all that weight coming down was too much for her, you see can her holding on to the arm of the sofa. 1:09 when Ices gets to the part of the song when Nicki Minaj goes, “Whoop Whoop Whoop” she starts jumping and I swear it felt like she was shaking my house, just me? I don’t know who’s apartment she’s in but, it can’t be hers.  That kitchen is too small for a bitch her size, she’d starve to death in there!  Lastly, why is Ices’ “Ass Ass Ass” in the front bigger than her “Ass Ass Ass” in the back? Just sayin.