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Ciara Copy Catter Ass

Ciara Toes… GO!

(Jennifer Hudson and Ciara at the Givenchy show at Paris Fashion WeeK)
Accentuate the positive eliminate the negative! Why the fuck would Ciara wear shoes that draw attention to her long finger like toes? They look like Play Doh being squeezed through the toe of her shoes. When I first saw her toes I was expecting her to dip her toes in my pie and say, “My germs!” Her toes are so long if she puts on Nikes she’d stretch them out to Nickelodeons. If you suck her toes they can actually gag you, you have to deep throat her toe just to get to the first toe knuckle. No wonder Ciara can do the Matrix so well, them toes can literally grab the ground. If my man’s dick was as long as Ciara’s toes I’d still be with the nigga!!