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Cis Women: transphobia, misandry, hatred

Cis Women: transphobia, misandry, hatred

“I was asked to make one of these showcasing cis females who @ Amiyah or express transphobia and misogyny (no it doesn’t only come from men, I read men quoting the last set saying it’s not fair to blame men and I won’t), ironically almost all of these women are also black, like Amiyah. These same women are the same type of women to get extremely offended if Amiyah snaps back and will accuse Amiyah of hating “natural born” females. This is the black community summed up on social networks. Black twitter alone is embarrassing.

I know the black community is tough and we use jokes to build our strength but this is cyber bullying and the results can be dangerous for Amiyah and women like her, who already live in violent neighborhoods. These ladies laugh when their boyfriends or male friends say they will beat Amiyah with a brick, or fight her “like the nigga” she is, or if men express utter disgust. This makes them feel secure/safe as being cis. This makes them feel loved and wanted, when they are able to watch someone get ostracized who has a different experience.

As I said in the past, cis women are trying to “trick” men with little “would you hit” tests using Amiyah (because she’s the most popular, vixen-like black twitter transgender) just to see if a man will be attracted to her because it’s obvious she’s attractive to dang near everybody, to tell him that he’s gay and to shame him with homophobia. Either way these women feel like it’s great entertainment. If he says “She’s hot. That’s a pretty woman.” – “You’re gay! That’s a man! Yuck. I can’t believe you’re gay!” and if he says “Eww that’s a man. I’d beat his ass” – They’re laughing uncontrollably. These are the same women who will follow Amiyah on instagram and twitter, say they are pro-trans, say Amiyah is one of the most beautiful people they’ve ever seen (obviously perceiving her outer appearance as female) but will shame a man who believes the same. That’s dangerous.

Homophobia and transphobia need to be discussed way more in the black community and you can’t deny it. We have work to do and issues like this to address, when 1 out of 8 black trans women are murdered.” —  http://dopeboyshit.tumblr.com/post/117402885300/cis-women-transphobia-misandry-hatred-i-was


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