But bitch hold on!

My thoughts and Shade: Ciara “Got Me Good”

20121026-093521.jpgDriving into the middle of the desert to dancein the sand. The concept has been done so many times in dance videos it’s cliché, from Janet Jackson’s “You Want This” to Mya’s “Case of The Ex.” Speaking of Janet… Ciara was giving Janet in a few scenes and her costume, very similar to a costume Janet wore in her All For You Tour during her opening act. (Google it)

I hated the song! It sounded like it should bee an album track… no, it’s worst than that. It sounded like an unlisted bonus track that you discover one day by accidentally letting the CD play pass the last track. Anyone who says they like this song is either, full of shit, just being nice or a Ciara Stan.

The choreography was all over the place. It didn’t marry the music it was just random. The video looked like a commercial for the up coming season of, “So You Think You Can Dance” which Ciara would make a great judge on.

Ciara looks better than she ever has. He body, skin and that blonde on her is sickening to the point I need a barf bag! Yas! I wish she was working with the right people musicly so her sound could match the fiercness of her new look …My thoughts and shade😊 bye


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