But bitch hold on!

Big Sean – Dance (A$$) Remix ft. Nicki Minaj

Finally, Nicki Minaj takes it back to the Nicki we all fell in love with in “5 Star Chick”! Gone forever (hopefully) is that mess in the blonde wig or rainbow wig she gave us at GMA & VMAs. Nicki slays her verse in Big Sean’s “Dance Ass remix”. I consider it to be the new Bottom’s Anthem, every bottom will quote “Somebody point me to the best ass eata” because of Nicki Minaj. I really can’t tell you much about Big Sean’s part because I basically skip straight to Nicki’s verse each and every time. Too bad it’s not Nicki’s song only… no shade to Big Sean. The video is fire! Nicki looks amazing. She does her best to twerk and pop her ass but, like I’ve said before her ass is just big and that’s it, it doesn’t jiggle, bounce, wobble, stunt, all it does is be big!


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