But bitch hold on!

Sorry we don’t play Beyonce at Johnny Rockets

I was in Queens this weekend and I stopped in Johnny Rockets for dinner. For those of you who don’t know about Johnny Rockets it’s a themed diner-styles restaurant fashioned after the diners of the 1950s. They have music from the 50s, the waitresses stop and dance, It’s really cute and the food is pretty good. ANYHOE!!! My waitress comes over to our table to collect our orders. Before I gave her my order I asked; You guys have music is it possible that you can play some Beyonce??? She smiles, giggles then answers, “no we only play music from the 1950’s.” Which is understandable, I get it!! HOWEVER!!! My waitress was African American and in the 1950s her ass would have been in the back cookin or washin dishes and I would have been seated by the bathroom, Not to mention the Plasma Screen hanging on the wall, Oh and the waitresses got together to do a routine to the Bee Gees 1977’s “Staying Alive”!!! Clearly they are not sticking to the 1950s script. Which to me means you can play some Beyonce!!!

Then the waitresses came together to do an “original” routine to the Bee Gees “Stay Alive.” NO NOT THE ONE MADE FAMOUS BY JOHN TRAVOLTA IN “SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER” NOOOOOO THIS WAS SOME LATE SHIT THEY CAME UP WITH!!! HATED IT!! Those hoes did not know how to give show and when you perform in front of a gay male you have to sho out!!! or we will push you out the way and clown for you!!!

Oh and the icing on the cake was a ketchup smiley face. lol Anyone who knows me knows I hate & fear condiments & sauces. But all & all the food was GREAT and the service was even better 🙂 just no Beyonce 😦


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  1. Kenyatta


    February 23, 2011 at 4:59 am

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