But bitch hold on!

Iphone app Tap Tap Marble

iPhone users you have to download Tap Tap Marble. This game is addictive. Diggy & I were playing last night. Diggy is like the Tap Tap Marble Prodagy! His lil thumbs start tapping, the game is ringing like crazy from all his bonus points. He scores nothing lower then 370! His high score is 411! I can not get above 306 to save my life!!! Diggy score his 411 then says to me, “well that score is high enough for now I’m goin to bed.” mean while I’m determined to beat his score!!! He’s knocked out and I was up until sunrise fustrated as hell tryin to beat his score! So, if you download this app and you score above 411 please send me a screen shot so I can shut him up!


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