But bitch hold on!

10 Minutes of Advice

This was the letter to my inbox I won’t drop names:

“… I’ve been in a relationship with this guy….i’ve known him for a year, but we only started dating this past October. He used to text different females and lead them on, i found this out and I confronted him about that much, and he got better about it. But he still has this one female friend that he used to have sex with on a regular…and I know this. I allowed him to still be friends with her, because I actually do feel like he’s still not having sex with her. So, today he gets off work and we go out and have dinner then come back and chill for a few minutes at my room. I’m thinkin everything is all good, i’m laying on his chest n we’re just chillin. Then he starts texting….about 3 or 4 text replies. Then he says that he’s about to go and will i be up when he gets back. I ask where he’s going…he says to the movies. So, I ask with who…he says with the female. And he feels like there is no problem at all with this. I feel so disrespected. Not only is it 10 at night and we’ve just gotten back from having a nice dinner, but he wants to go to the movies with another female…”


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