But bitch hold on!

I asked Facebook: “If you could tell ya Ex one last thing what would it bee?”

I asked Facebook: “if you could tell your EX one last thing what would it bee?” and gir! we went in!!! here are some of the replies I had to post on my blog! A special kinda fuck you to my Ex you know who you are.

Danielle – i love you

Curtisha – Boo Boo I was never trippin because as soon as we broke up my insurance policies were on DECK!

Chriscia – die bitch die!!!!

Ciarra – Can we just fuck one more time CTFU

Dominique – I’m in Love with YOU and waiting for your return!!!!

Lu – “fuck you and the bitch who’s vagina you slithered out of you dirty whore. how the fuck a man with a sick child find time to fuck around? must be nice. all i got is a puppy and i aint even got time to go get a pedicure, but your trifling ass have a child with a brain tumor and you got time to meet and greet??? broke ass!”

Demi – “fuck you.”

Lu – thats what the fuck i got to say BRIAN

Jennifer – I was fucking ur best friend for the last 4 months of our relationship! Aww that would bee sooo fly!! Lol

Curtisha – @ Lu do you wanna ride on that fool cause IM DOWN!

Brian Franklin – Yea that test came back positive…. You might wanna get checked mah bad!

Brian Franklin – Yea I’m Still wit “Jimmy Dean” u mad

Kaycie – You stupid muthafuka! Look wat u left me for!and now look wat u got urself into!! And now dat u realized wat u had was more betta then wat u got now, you wana tell uh bitch u miss her.. Too late muthafuka u lost my ass!!! Peace bitch!! …. Oh my bad brian lol I got carried away in dat question lmao

Quiana – “drink some bleach and forget to call the poison control center bxtch.”

Brian Franklin – Everytime you wake up you disappoint me

Brian Franklin – Everyday drunk drivers kills thousands of people why can’t you bee one of them

Anzelenna Davis – “Say hello to my little friend”

Tacarra -I hope ur dick falls off…that is all..

Jaimie – it was garbage and u hung like a hamster (that’s two, but oh well)

BCombs -I hope u choke on a dick n die. Den when u dead imma follow u to the deepest pit of hell n beat da shit outta u while da devils pitchfork is rammed up yo ass……. Ya kno sum like dat bf. Ha yew dewin

Tacarra – Oh one more thing: Slowly walk in traffic, lay down and wait….

Nanyamka -WHERE`S MY MONEY, U dirty bitch ass nigga?!?!?!

Shalexis Starr – Lol dis question is funny as shyt cuz i jus ran n to one of ma ex’s like 1/2 n hour ago smh i didnt really say shit i was pretty brief wit him

Briell – I would love to run you over with a 18-Wheeler while you try to cross the street. Then back up and do that sh*t all over again.

Charisma -Thank you so much for choosing that Man’s wife over your own family. I found something way better that I would not have found if I was still w/ your ass. Oh and by the way he thanks you too.

Natalie – I hope u catch a disease and your dick shrivels up and falls off in pieces. U dirty broke ass, gutta ass, black ass, funky ass, stupid ass nigga.

Memekins – Thank you for making room for the real woman in my life!!

Natalie – where’s the child support?

Jessica – by the way my ex was scared to come out side….. so he stayed in his grandma basement smellin funky and wackin off to porn every day no lie.. with a sheet nailed over the wall of his door cause he thought his mama and uncle would b watchin thru the top of the door playin with themselves too

Brian Franklin – Diggy said hi

Brittney – Enjoy the salt,because you will never taste this sugar again!…ever…lol….LOVE YOU BRIAN!!!

Leisy – I regret breaking up with you and now that we’re a little bit older and I’ve grown up a bit I think we should try it again when I get home.



2 responses

  1. R@nd!

    Ooo.. Lu went in.

    March 5, 2010 at 3:02 pm

  2. BlakBuddafli

    This is ish was too funny….

    March 7, 2010 at 1:59 pm

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